About Careen...


1) What prompted you to begin to write and when did you realise you loved poetry?

I only have my parents to thank, or maybe it was all down to me. Had I not been a chatterbox growing up, they would have never told me to sit down and write. Had that not have happened, I would never be where I am today. Additionally, at the age of 9 or 10, I was made aware of the fact that poetry does not follow the grammatical rules of English language and automatically fell in love with it. 

2) Where did you grow up and has that influenced your poetry?

I spent my first 11 years in Jamaica and have been living in England since moving here in 2001. I would say that my upbringing has had an influence on some of the references I make in my pieces. However, being aware of situations lived in by other individuals, I can empathise with them in comparison to the life I can live. 

3) Do you have a favourite poet?

It might be a cliché to say this as a poet, but Dr. Maya Angelou's work truly moves me. She was an amazing writer, very expressive and her voice comes through her pieces very well. A little less clichéd, I enjoy listening to and reading pieces by poets on the UK scene. The poets I meet at open mic nights have powerful voices with very humble souls attached to them. This does not say I do not enjoy poetry from those outside the UK, I just think it's important to make it known that we have some amazing poets here. 

4) Do your poems begin with an idea, image or a form?

It honestly depends on the situation. An idea inspires some of my pieces, where others are developed from a visual or an auditory stimulus. I have also been inspired by people, the way they dress, their race, the things they do, and much more. Life has a variety of experiences, opportunities, beauties, pain and so much more which are all triggers for me to write. 

5) Where do you find yourself writing most of your poetry?

I think a lot of my pieces are written on public transport. 

6) Is your speaking voice different than your written voice?

I would love to say it is, but I think some individuals would beg to differ. I do catch myself saying things that are poetic, but it only happens, I think on rare occasions. 

7) What other ways would you express yourself if you never wrote poetry?

I would either express myself through singing or playing the piano. 

8) In your opinion, is there enough coverage of poetry in the media? If not, how do you think your poems could contribute to change that?

I don't think poetry is covered as well as it should be. However, the barriers are breaking, but poetry is still an underground art form which is becoming more acknowledged. My poems could contribute to making a change as they explore a vast range of topics. I hope to shake thoughts and stir emotions for my audience and readers to think deeper about the topics in question. 

9) When is your next book coming out?

I am hoping it will be out in the last quarter of this year, 2017.